Viver was founded in Verona in 2007. The agency selects renowned wineries, and wine growers representing the main Italian wine production areas from Trentino to Sicily, for over 150 wine labels and a coffee brand. The client can easily review and select products of interest from a wide assortment but only has to deals with one single consolidator.

For its clients Viver selects excellent wines coming from the most important Italian wine regions, paying particular attention to the quality level and the right quality/price range. The wineries within our group, which are not intentional competitors with each other, realize our concept of “ITALIAN VINEYARD”.

We cultivate with our producers TRUSTWHORTY AND LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS, established and exclusive, which enable us to work with the local European market in a transparent way, protecting local distributors.

The entire range of Italian products is available by a single centralized logistic platform. UNIFIED PRICE LIST, with quotations EX-VERONA, strategic logistic centre in Europe, simplifies transport costs and shipments even from the most remote Southern Italian regions.

Wine selection and groupage services are carried out by Viver with total professionalism, in order to ensure that the clients can source the greatest number of fine Italian products through a single centralized logistic platform and thanks to the assistance of ONE SINGLE CONSOLIDATOR.


Starting in 2009, after developing distribution in and around Verona, Viver has expanded its business into foreign markets of central Europe, particularly Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. As agreed by suppliers, the entire product range is available to markets outside of Europe that request them.

Viver clientele is almost exclusively in the HO.RE.CA. CHANNEL,mainly via local distributors, which in turn supply Italian and international bars and restaurants. The range of products offered by Viver allows supply to all market sector right up to the highest culinary level, thanks to the premium wines of each winery.

Viver relies on sales support employees in its offices in Pescantina (Verona). Our YOUNG AND DYNAMIC STAFF take care of its customers with regular visits aiming to keep them updated with changes in the range and to introduce to new accounts to Viver organization and its services.

Each member of the staff is assigned to a specific area in order to offer a more suited service and ensure a prompt and professional processing of client requests. A deep knowledge of the market and an accurate management of Viver brands within the territory enable them to take the best care of customers’ business and interests in the area.


Viver is committed to offer a fast and efficient delivery service to the client who can choose from a wide range of selected products and therefore reduce the quantity purchased per wine and per production region. Purchasing wines from all over Italy with the ease of dealing with only one common distributor allows the client to reduce shipment and warehouse costs, as well as administration.

Thanks to the export department and the warehouse in Pescantina (Verona), where we hold a small stock of all major lines so they are always available, Viver can grant to its customers following benefits:

- CONSOLIDATION INTO GROUPAGE of goods coming from different suppliers into the logistic platform of Viver, this permits the client’s designated transport company to load a single shipment.

- ADMINISTRATIVE SIMPLIFICATION thanks to the arrangement/issue of a single file (bill, invoice, customs document) covering all products and wineries purchased, allows the client to streamline customs and administrative procedures.

- MINIMIZATION/REDUCTION OF THE PURCHASED QUANTITIES for each single wine or producer, which gives the possibility to include in the order lower turnover items, which are usually not needed in high quantities.

Alternatively, goods can be shipped DIRECTLY FROM THE PRODUCER's cellar to the customer. In which case, Viver will handle the order, coordinate with the producer, confirm the availability of the order. The invoice will dispatched directly from the producer.