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Cecchiana di Albano Laziale - Roma

Foundation Year: 1909

Property: Gasperini family from three generation

Oenologist: Felice Gasperini

Hectares of vineyard: Today the company owns 60 hectares of vineyards in the most prestigious DOC areas of the Castelli Romani, in 3 distinct estates

Number of produced bottles: 1.000.000

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The Gasperini family has been producing wine since 1909. The current owners Felice and Salvatore Gasperini are third generation wine makers and over the years the company has undergone continuous expansion. Today the company sells its quality wines in the restaurant and wine shop sectors in Italy as well as on the most important foreign markets. As sales increased they increased their vineyards, machinery and production plants.

Today the company cultivates 123 acres of prestigious DOC grapes in the Castelli Romani area on three vineyard estates:

Azienda Villafranca, the main establishment of the winery in Cecchina di Albano Laziale that includes the DOC grapes of the Colli Albani district;

Azienda Falcognana, in the Marino DOC district:

The winery in COLLE MATTIA in the Frascati Superior DOCG district.

Great effort has been made to introduce international vines like chardonnay and to keep indigenous grapes like malvasia puntinata, bombino and grechetto. Naturally the company has followed the same attitude for red wines concentrating on prestigious grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Montepulciano and Sangiovese and improving part of the wines aged in casks. So there is a wide variety of wines produced, which includes all the denominations in the area. Excellent wines from their winery are Frascati Superior DOCG "COUVAGE" and Castelli Romani DOC Rosso "GASPERINI" BARRIQUE.