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Villanova Maiardina di San Giorgio - Mantova

Foundation Year: Founded by Nereo Negri in 1953

Property: Roberto Negri & family

Oenologist: Roberto Negri

Hectares of vineyard: 8 property + 7 in lease

Number of produced bottles: 250.000

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The Negri Winery, founded in 1953 by Nereo Negri, it is specialized in the winemaking of high quality Lambrusco Mantovano. In the ‘70s, the company sees the entrance of the son Roberto, the current owner and oenologist .The company began to invest in vineyards located in Sabbioneta, the best area for the cultivation of Lambrusco wine in the province of Mantua, it is a fertile land bounded by the rivers: The Po and The Oglio. Hence the selection of wines “Roberto Negri.”

The company, focused on innovation but always respecting the traditions, produces an outstanding Lambrusco which has its own niche market. This enforces the conviction that even from an “ordinary” wine, which is often considered the Lambrusco, you can get wines able to give you extraordinary emotions. From here our wines including, in addition to the “traditional” Lambrusco (Charmat method) we are proud of our Red and Rosè Lambrusco classic method, a late harvest of Lambrusco and a raisin Lambrusco wine “passito”.

Today the company, with its qualified production, is present in the main relevant international market: restaurant industry and wine shops. It has gained significant national and international recognition for the quality of its wines.


RUBERTI: it is pre-eminently the Mantuan Lambrusco vine, since it is particularly used for this wine, therefore such grapes can be rightly considered as the grapes characterizing the Mantuan Lambrusco. The main properties of such vine are its strong gamy flavour and smell, which can particularly be found in marasca cherries, currants, strawberries and raspberries. Moreover, it also creates a remarkable sourish note, a typical peculiar feature of red wild fruits being not completely ripe; such sourness gives the typical freshness Lambrusco wine is well-known for.

SALAMINO: this vine has also wild fruit notes, in terms of taste and smell, but they are sweeter compared to Ruberti vine. For this reason, it is able to smooth the strong nature of Ruberti vine as well as give a bright colour to Lambrusco wine.

MAESTRI & MARANI: both these vines show the typical features of red wild fruits and flowers, in terms of taste and smell, but mostly of the less strong ones, such as cherry, blackberry and violet. Both these vines shall not be considered as essential for giving structure to wine.

ANCELLOTTA: in terms of smell, the main characteristic of this vine is a very ripe red wild fruit smell. Similar to the smell of sour black cherry and blackberry. Taste and smell are particularly smooth and sweet. This vine is always utilized in Lambrusco wine blending, because it is able to mix and balance smell and taste of other varietis of grapes by giving them harmony and structure. Furthermore, this vine is very important, since it gives a rich colour to the wine.