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Mombaruzzo (AT)

Foundation Year: 2013

Property: Enrico Piantato

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“Find you once again in the shade of the fig tree, where the vine embraces the sky…”
In 2013 Enrico Piantato, nephew of Clemente Guasti, founder of the homonymic historic winery, decided to leave the legal profession to pursue his dreams and continue the long family tradition.
The fertile land of Casalotto di Mombaruzzo, the birthplace of his grandfather, together with the wonderful climatic conditions favour the cultivation of grapes and other fruits such as figs and olives.
And it is precisely the memory of the fig tree, under which his grandfather Clemente used to rest, which is the source of inspiration for the birth of "Laficaia".
And so the fig tree, fruit and tree, symbol of immortality and fertility, sacred to Dionysus, the God of wine, is destined to remain an emblem of life capable of uniting the earth to heaven.