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Foundation Year: 2018

Property: Adriano Todaro

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It is from this enchanted place that I fell in love with these lands; following the tradition of family, son of farmers, with the love and bond for this territory. Here begins the history of traditions and sensations, of scents and flavors produced by this land . My intention is to make known the goodness of Sicilian products and in particular of the Jato Valley in the world.

The company, located at 467m s.l.m. is oriented to the west, composed of large and soft clay soils; it has steep rocky slopes and limestone reliefs that surround it.

The Winery was born in 2018 from a collaboration between me and my brother, carrying on the tradition of my Father and my grandfather before him. Each vintage is an experience, in fact, from year to year it gives us different flavors and smells.

I love experimenting with ancient and natural winemaking techniques in order to let the wine express all its hints that remind me of my tradition.