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The history of the winery Todaro has deep roots: a passion passed down from generation to generation, and enriched over time.

Giuseppe and Adriano Todaro (born 1988 and 1991), the current owners, with father Calogero, known Sicilian agronomist, strong of their studies in the agricultural sector, have been able to lead the company, within a few years, at the top quality of the Jato valley in Doc Monreale and province of Palermo.

“ The wine for us is like a relative, to be treated with care and dedication at all times, from pruning to harvesting by hand up to aging in French oak barrels. ”

G. Todaro

Today the property covers an area of ​​25 hectares in the Jato valley with altitudes ranging from 400 to 900 m.s.l.m.

The specific characteristics of the terroir of this area were already known in pre-Roman times: on top of the mountain of fact, there was a rich Jatina colony who cultivated vineyards and from them he derived the precious nectar.

Right from the ancient nobility of this land and natural winemaking techniques refined, born Todaro wines, perfect combination of elegance and refinement. The vineyards are cultivated even today with the same feeling of a time, respecting the naturalness of crops.

The continuous monitoring and daily care of the grapes in all processes, from the row by the glass, guarantee the authenticity and the quality of these wines that have led Todaro cellar among the most appreciated wine cellars niche of Sicilian landscape.


Our wines are backed by the newspaper: the pursuit of quality is the goal that guides every step and passion for the natural is what drives us. Based on the conviction that only healthy and natural agriculture that respects the environment and does not upset the productivity of plants will allow the best expression of the terroir and its particularities, we decided to produce organic wines who identify fully with our ideas.

The vineyards are cultivated following the teachings handed down by his grandfather Joseph, respecting the lunar phases and the old conservative techniques for pruning and following the delicate natural balance of the biological cycles of our plants.

We do not use chemical fertilizers or soil, sow the field bean which allows you to naturally enrich the soil organic matter by his turning a product inside..

In the period of September, before the harvest, we select carefully the best land and once chosen, we begin the harvest, strictly hand with small baskets, making reaching the berries intact in nearby winery, thus preserving all its peculiar properties.

Our wines have to be who they are, what our plants grown in our land and give us that we simply transform and store with the utmost respect, trying not to ruin what nature offers us.

G. Todaro

In the cellar using the modern techniques of temperature control we monitor the progress of fermentation, thus accompanying our wines, from the vine to the casks, which will accrue for years.

These are our wines, a blend of innovation, culture and Sicilian tradition.