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Sarche - Trento

Foundation Year: 1960

Property: Co-operative with more than 600 associated wine growers.

Oenologist: Lorenzo Tomazzoli

Hectares of vineyard: The cellar collects grapes from a totale vineyard surface of 700 hectars divided among the small associated wine growers.

Number of produced bottles: 400.00 are the bottles produced of the line Toblino

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Cantina Toblino can be defined a co-operative composed of a large number of small wine growers. Built up around 1960 by a small group of wine growers, that could perceive the quality potential of wines produced in the Lakes Valley, today it collects and vinifies the grapes of about 600 associated small farmers, which operate in a charming landscape characterized by a peculiar climate that makes possible to obtain wines marked by distinctive regional typicity.

Thanks to the constant ventilation coming from the nearby Garda Lake, soils with extremely varied compositions and an altitude band ranging from 150 to 800 m a.s.l., every different grape variety can express in the final wine outstanding varietal notes.

Vineyards located in the plain of the River Sarca (150-400 meter a.s.l.) take advantage from a particular dry and airy climate. The soil, dry and rich in gravel, and the interaction between the "Ora del Garda", a warm wind coming from the south-west of Lake Garda in the afternoons, and the cooler winds coming from the north and blowing through the narrow valley of Limarò, ensure a wide temperature range between daytime and the night.

Vineyards located at a higher altitude in the hills and mountains of the Cavedine Valley and Bleggio near Stenico, take advantage from particular pedo-climatic conditions, which are the secret of the aroma and elegance of some wines such as Müller Thurgau and Kerner. The so called “mountain wines” grown up in vineyards which can reach altitudes of 800 metres. Only in these areas, thanks to the fresh climate and the wide temperature range, they can fully express the character of the grape variety, giving the wine a refinement, complexity and unique structure.

Wine growing is carried out by single farmers with absolute attention to ecological sustainability. The co-operative Toblino has bought in 1999 a big farm just in front of the winery, property of the Diocesan Institute of the Trent Clergy, where grapes are grown organically. On a vineyard surface of about 40 hectares, 12 hectares were replanted and trained in Guyot with some particular and experimental varieties. In the remaining 28 hectares, trained in Trentino-type pergola, vines have been thinned in order to reduce yield. The first productions have been already selected and bottled. From this farm come the grapes used to make our precious “eLimarò”.

The vinification cellar has a modern photovoltaic power system to produce electricity from renewable sources of energy and can therefore reduce the environmental impact.

Oenological practices carried out in the cellar are aimed to reach wines, which are respectful of the quality and the tipicity of the autochthone grapes.