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Villafontana - Verona

Foundation Year: 1982

Property: Paganotto's family

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Paganotto coffee company was born to the Paganotto family’s decision in the late ‘90,commercially present in the coffee market for over 40 years. The adoption of modern technologies and productive structures, keep pace with the times, always guarantee a product with a unique taste. The raw coffee beans come from the best crops and they are constantly monitored by our laboratory, that it also ensures the subject from the standpoint of health and hygiene. The slow roasting and the accurate taste test impress the Paganotto coffee a taste with a special personality. Our factories are situated in Verona, where Paganotto family, always passionate about coffee roasting, has the full customer satisfaction with a product of high quality as main aim.

The company, already fully presented in the Veronese market and its province, it is now ready to take the exporting challenge thanks to the collaboration with Viver, who is in charge of the promotion in Central Europe. Paganotto is therefore an opportunity to those who will choose to embrace this Italian coffee brand not yet present on the European scene.

Arabica Blend (100% arabica)

Our Arabica blend is pure and fine Arabica coffee beans 100%. The sweet taste, the floral aroma, the light and delicate creaminess, make Paganotto coffee right for any time of day and night, thanks to the low caffeine content.

Sinfonica Blend (20% robusta – 80% arabica)

Our Sinfonica blend has more than 80% of pure Arabic that gives the sweetness of the aroma and that small part of strong coffee to give more body and thick and persistent cream with a chocolate taste to the coffee.

Classica Blend (50% robusta – 40% arabica)

Our Classica blend is obtained by the right balance between the fine Arabica and the full-bodied Robusta. It has a strong nature, in the palate a decisive taste, softened by a persistent cream. This blend is available both in coffee beans and 250 gr ground coffee.

Lirica Blend (60% robusta – 40% arabica)

Our Lirica blend has a strong character. It has in the palate a dark chocolate taste, a strong taste and it has a thick and persistent cream. In spite of the high percentage of Arabica, the Lirica blend is a full-bodied coffee.